Improved bar-like cosmetics container structure


  • Inventors: ZHENHUI GUO
  • Assignees: 郭镇辉
  • Publication Date: August 11, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2631296-Y


An improved stripy cosmetic vessel structure includes a stripy bottom tube, a stripy upper cover, a material pasting seat and a material pasting head. The stripy bottom tube forms the surrounding wall by the paper tube, and the bottom end is provided with a fixation paper bottom plate to form a lower sealing surface. The stripy upper cover forms the surrounding wall by another paper tube, and the fixation paper tope plate at the top end group of the paper tube forms an upper sealing surface. The paper tube and the paper bottom plate inner surrounding are all provided with the waterproof film layer. The bottom end of the stripy upper cover is provided with the material pasting seat, and the bottom end of the material pasting seat is provided with a material pasting head convex downwards. The utility model makes the using quantity f the glue material for the stripy cosmetic vessel greatly reduce to fit the requirement of the present environmental protection concept.




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