Speech playing apparatus for repeater



The utility model relates to a recording and replaying device, in particular to a phonetic sound player for a repeater, comprising an analog signal receiver, a phonetic sound processing device, a d/a conversion circuit and an analog signal output device which are electrically connected in order. The analog signal receiver consists of a vowel signal receiver and a consonant signal receiver, both of which are electrically connected with the signal input terminal of the phonetic sound processing device. The structural key point of the utility model is that: in addition a phonetic sound mixing device is provided which is spliced between the phonetic sound processing device and the d/a conversion circuit. The advantages of the utility model lie in that the utility model, overcoming the technological prejudice, provides a phonetic sound mixing device which can conduct phonetic sound mixing treatment, so that the superposed sound of vowel and consonant can be heard when conducting phonetic sound comparison, thus to conduct phonetic sound comparison better; the utility model simplifies circuit configuration, thus reducing the cost of the circuit.




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