Jettisonable fuel tank of motorcycle and fuel passage mechanism



The utility model provides an auxiliary fuel tank with oil way of motorcycle with bending beam, which belongs to the technical field of motorcycle; a mounting groove (4) is arranged at the center of the auxiliary fuel tank (3) and runs through from front to back; two oil outlets (8) are arranged in the auxiliary fuel tank (3), respectively through an oil outlet pipe (5) connected with a tee fuel filter (6) connected with a carburetor; an oil filler and an air vent (1) are arranged in the auxiliary fuel tank (3). The utility model is characterized in the ability to increase the capacity of fuel taken by the motorcycle with bending beam to reduce the refueling frequency, and is suitable for long distance or long time travel. The auxiliary fuel tank is positioned on the frame of the bending beam, straddling above the left and right side tubes of the frame. The utility has the advantages of reasonable structure, which maintains the prior structure and apparent shape of the motorcycle with bending beam.




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