Oblique type axle locking means



A slope type axle locking device relates to a locking device used for preventing the axial moving of the axle in process of the railway axle bearing pressing installment, which comprises a cylinder (1), a cross beam (2) articulated with the cylinder (1), an inclined iron (3), a top block (4) and a guide rail (5), wherein, the inclined iron (3) comprises a big end (3-1) and a small end (3-2), an inclined surface (3-3) is formed between the small end (3-2) and the big end (3-1), the big end (3-1) of the inclined iron (3) is connected with the cross beam (2), one end of the top block (4) is provided with an inclined surface (4-1), the inclined surface (4-1) of the top block (4) is in horizontal contact with the inclined surface (3-3) of the inclined iron (3). The utility model prevents the axial moving of the axle and improves the working precision of the pressing installed bearing.




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