Traction massage pillow for cervical spine


  • Inventors: ZHENMING TAN
  • Assignees: 谭振明
  • Publication Date: March 24, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2607120-Y


The utility model is realized according to the manner below: a cervical vertebrae draught massage pillow is composed by a pillow shaft and two pillow wheels, and the pillow shaft and the pillow wheels are in column shape. Two ends of the pillow shaft are respectively fixedly connected with two pillow wheels to form a dumbbell shaped whole. The arc surface of the pillow shaft is provided with a drug hole. The pillow wheels and the pillow shaft are made by wooden material. When in use, the neck of the body is placed on the pillow shaft, and the neck transfers the rolling force to the pillow shaft and the pillow wheel of front and back to make the neck of the body receive a continuous stable pull upwards because of the blocking of bake braincase of the body, synchronously, the utility model reaches the effect to the neck of draught, massage and drug treatment under the cooperation of the medication in the drug hole. The utility model adopts the natural material without any toxicity and side effect, which is of utility, low price and convenient use, which need not occupy the extra time to for treatment and reaches treatment effect by taking use of sleeping time.




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