Loosing sample device for the proximate analysis apparatus



The utility model relates to a loosing sample device for the proximate analysis apparatus, comprising a sample weighing platform, a sample weighing plate and a lifting mechanism which drives the sample weighing plate to move up and down. A pot is arranged on the sample weighing plate. The utility model is characterized in that the top of the sample weighing plate is equipped with a sample discarding eccentric wheel which realizes connection by use of an shaft with a motor arranged on a sample discarding bracket fixed on a base plate; a sample discarding pole is arranged under the sample discarding plate and has an axis line being on the same line with the pot centre. The sample discarding eccentric wheel shaft is further provided with a positioning plate with magnetic steel, and the sample discarding eccentric wheel side is also equipped with a positioning card matching with the sample discarding eccentric plate. The utility model has advantages of simple structure design and easy operation, which can further improve the automatization level of the testing machine and the testing accuracy, reduce the labor intensity of the operators and improve the testing efficiency. The utility model is essentially used for industries or departments such as coal, petrol, chemical, electric power, science research and teaching.




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