Hair waving pin with hair dyeing function


  • Inventors: BIYU HUANG
  • Assignees: 黄碧玉
  • Publication Date: February 04, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2601563-Y


The utility model relates to a barrette, which is provided with the function of hair dye. A marcel barrette with the function of hair dye comprises an upper and a lower rod body, wherein, a protrudent vane is arranged on the upper edge of the upper rod body, a symmetrical card is arranged on the end, a longitudinal notch with a plurality of tactic through-holes inside is arranged on the exterior. The U-shaped lower rod body is provided with a post-hole on the end, which is used to make the card of the upper rod body kinetic when the card is clamped, the utility model is characterized in that: the upper and lower rod body is shut to the upper and lower board respectively, wherein, a placket with different design is arranged on the exterior of the upper board and an n-shaped clamp is arranged on the flank, also the U-shaped clamp groove is arranged on the flank of the lower board which makes the upper board clamped the groove of the upper rod body and the lower rod body is trapped in the clamp groove of the lower board. The barrette is used for hair dye and marcel.




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