Amphibious dual-purpose recreation body-building pleasure-boat


  • Inventors: GUOQI WANG
  • Assignees: 王国起
  • Publication Date: January 14, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2598858-Y


The utility model belongs to the amphibious dual-purpose body-building apparatus, in particular to an amphibious dual-purpose recreation body-building pleasure-boat, which essentially comprises a boat body 1, a chair 13, a brake handle 9, front and back variable speed chain wheel control handles10.11, a steering wheel 7, a clutch and a transmission of rear tower chain wheel 28, a pedal chain wheel 2, a pedal 3, a chain 5, a braker 44, a central shaft 43, a driver 30, front and back steering wheels 33.39, a steering cross four link and a steering connecting rod of direction device 41 consisting of a steering link 32, front and back steering axles 48.37, and a rotor 21, a rudder 20, and other essentially components. The amphibious dual-purpose recreation body-building pleasure-boat can be used in amphibian, and pedal can be power, when sitting on the chair, people can be comfortable, and while walking for a long time people do not be exhausted. The utility model has fast speed and can be made into various modes of one person boat, double person boat and multi-person boat.




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