Charging mechanism for powder anjd granule packing machine



The utility model discloses a blanking device for a powdery and a grainy packaging machine, which comprises a hopper, a bag-made machine, and a turn-cup device. The turn-cup device takes the shape of a cylinder, the two ends of the cylinder-shaped turn-cup devices are closed, of which the side is opened with two cup openings symmetrically, the cylinder-shaped turn-cup device is positioned under a material-scrapper and tightly jointed with the bottom round face of the material-scrapper, the hopper cover is sleeved in a hole arranged on the material-scrapper, the bag-made machine is positioned under the cylinder-shaped turn-cup device, the cylinder-shaped turn-cup device is fixedly connected with the turn-cup axis, the turn-cup axis is connected with a transmitting structure which can realized the intermittent turning. By designing the turn-plate material transmitting device of the old packaging machine as the turn-cup material transmitting device, at the same time, using intermittent turning transmitting structure to startup quickly to rotate, or stop quickly, the characteristics of feeding quickly and intermittent stopping lock can be reached. So the utility make the middle processes that the material is transmitted from the hopper to bag-made machine are conducted under the sealing statement, in order to avoid the shortages such as the material to be damped and polluted etc. under the circumstance of improving the speed of the whole machine, the material cup has enough time to support the material and release the material.




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